C e l e b r a t e

Groups and events

The spaces

At Taberna Pedraza we have several independent spaces with different capacities. Some of them can be connected and others are completely independent, which makes our rooms versatile and adaptable to any need. In addition, we can offer menus and catering services depending on the type of event you want to celebrate with us.


T h e m e n u s

Carmen Carro and Santiago Pedraza elaborate the gastronomic offerings of the tavern. If you want to add a touch of culinary authenticity to your events, visit us and you will discover how your event will be remembered of those attending.
We offer menus that will enrich the experience of your occasion

C a t e r i n g a n d s h o w c o o k i n g

Taberna Pedraza on the road. From Pedraza we can provide catering services for your event. We can carry out show cooking demonstrations with our chefs for a complete experience.
We will offer you the best deal according to your needs.
We take Pedraza’s cuisine wherever you need us
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