A s t o r y

a b o u t t h e s e a r c h f o r f l a v o r


O u r w o r k a n d m e m o r y

Carmen, after a career spanning more than two decades in the same company, was faced with the loss of her job in 2011, in the middle of the economic crisis. Although the most obvious option would have been to find a new job, she opted for a different path, one that would completely transform her life. Her true profession: The path of cooking. With Santiago’s unconditional support, she immersed herself in the study of Spanish cuisine.

On 10 April 2014, Santiago and Carmen began an exciting journey. After finding the culinary concept they had in mind, they launched Taberna Pedraza on Ibiza Street. The success was undeniable. Already in November 2015, Taberna Pedraza moved to a bigger space on Ibiza Street, making way for Carmen Casa de Cocidos, a culinary jewel of the house.

The year 2019 opened a new chapter in this exciting adventure, as Santiago, Carmen and their team decided to move to the posh Salamanca district. At Calle Recoletos 4, Taberna Pedraza returned to its roots and dedicates every day to three major goals: Elegance, balance and respect for cuisine. This new house is where they continue to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of those who have the pleasure of tasting their exquisite dishes.

The result of a good decision

T h e y e a r s a n d p l a c e s


Calle Ibiza Chapter 1

Taberna Pedraza opens for the first time on Calle Ibiza with an honest project that will lay the foundations for its gastronomic project.


Calle Ibiza Chapter 2

Given the success obtained by the proposal, Taberna Pedraza moves to a location with more capacity and an improved service proposal.


Calle Recoletos

Pedraza moves to the current location on Recoletos Street where the gastronomic proposal is developed in all its dimensions with a location full of spaces and details that enrich the experience.