The kitchen of Pedraza

The culinary memory of a country

The kitchen of Taberna Pedraza is a rich source of flavours, it is also a constant research to achieve the greatest authenticity in its gastronomic proposal. Pedraza‘s cuisine brings some of the dishes that define us as a country to the table. Pedraza defends Spanish gastronomy through daily work and the result of that is served to the table.

Pedraza‘s menu selection includes popular dishes such as, stews and casseroles, where the product is the star because great produce is part of our great wealth of our country.

L a T o r t i l l a d e P e d r a z a

La Tortilla Betanzos, like the stew, is a signature dish of the restaurant that has been writing the history of the tavern since its origins. A tortilla that has reached its maximum levels of refinement and in which you can enjoy the quality of its ingredients selected from the best producers. We only use eggs from young free-range hens with an exact weight. Eggs selected at a rate of one in a million.

The kitchen of Pedraza

E l C o c i d o d e C a r m e n

El Cocido de Carmen is one of the hallmarks of the house for which many customers return time and time again to enjoy our stew. Structured in 3 vuelcos, it is served by table.

First serving: Sopa de Cocido, a broth soup, completely defatted and served with spring onions, peppers and stew balls.

Second serving: Small-sized pedrosillano chickpeas, very tender and without skins, accompanied by carrots, potatoes and cabbage.

Third serving: Meat, Galician free-range chicken, black pudding from old Galician cows, chorizo and black pudding from Olano de Beasain and Iberian meats.

Taberna Pedraza

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